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Site selection for a european Distribution Center

Wilhelm Fricke SE is a global group of companies in the agricultural engineering sector. The planning of a new European distribution center on the greenfield has prompted Wilhelm Fricke SE to seek support from PROTEMA.


Tasks and objectives

The project included the site selection of a new European distribution center in southern Germany or on the German-French border on the green field, taking into account the main sales markets. After an in-house analysis, it was found that the existing European central warehouse in Heeslingen, which was expanded in 2012, can no longer handle the growth of the entire granite group in the medium term. In the course of this, a new location had to be realized in a next expansion stage. Within a period of six months, a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solution had to be developed and designed for a sustainable site network with adaptable structures and a modern material flow organization.

Processes and solutions
  • Analysis of the logistics network

  • Strategic orientation of the production and logistics network

  • Site selection / orientation and determination of the flow of goods

  • Supply and distribution planning of the logistics stages

  • Analysis of the entry points of the logistics service providers 

Results and benefits
  • Selection of a suitable location taking into account the flow of goods

  • Supply regions: Benelux, France, Austria, Switzerland

  • Purchase of land for Southern Europe


Wilhelm Fricke SE is a global group of companies founded in 1923 in Heeslingen, Lower Saxony, Germany, and one of Germany's largest private enterprise groups in the agricultural engineering sector. With the GRANIT PARTS division, Wilhelm Fricke SE is the leading partner of specialist dealers throughout Europe, as a wholesaler of original and ident parts for all brands in the fields of agricultural machinery, garden tools and construction machinery. In addition to the central European warehouse in Heeslingen, the company has subsidiaries throughout Europe as well as importers in Ireland and Hungary.

Kai Führling, Head of Logistics of Wilhelm Fricke SE, commented:

The cooperation with PROTEMA was expedient and successful right from the beginning. All requirements were worked out efficiently and quickly right from the start.

The cooperation with the management and the team of Fricke SE was highly professional and efficient. The site selection and narrowing to favored terrain could be created in a short time.

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