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Phase-In and Phase-Out Management and Supplier Management

Validated processes and quality assurance in your supplier network

Successful supplier management not only ensures capable processes at suppliers but also integrates logistics and quality processes such as planning and controlling into the overall organization of a company. Both systematic analysis of existing suppliers and the targeted selection of new suppliers contribute to the process of continuously optimizing the supplier network.

In order to be able to make fundamental decisions on the procurement strategy, such as depth of production, number, and location of material procurement sources or make-or-buy decisions, systematic documentation and analysis of all relevant factors is necessary. Finally, when selecting suitable suppliers, the expected delivery service level and the specified target costs must be adhered to. In this context, strategic sourcing and supplier management is useful in defining priorities for action and making informed decisions.

We will help you to integrate strategic sourcing and supplier management into your business. By finding the perfect combination of methods, resources, and skills, we will work with you to implement a target system with optimized costs and a future-oriented approach – one that considers both fundamental procurement strategies and existing supplier networks. We will also assist you in conducting logistics and quality audits and designing a supplier development strategy that suits your needs.

We are happy to put our experience to good use in working with you to put a strategic sourcing and supplier management system in place and helping you to identify and select suitable suppliers.

Michal Říha


Michal Říha

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Phase-In and Phase-Out Management and Supplier Management

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