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Spare Parts Management and Logistics

Optimization of your spare parts processes and design of spare parts logistics

Customers in plant and mechanical engineering expect customized solutions to problems that can be incorporated into existing production and logistics networks as quickly and easily as possible. The current product philosophy calls for a hybrid package of services. This combines services with products, thereby acting as the solution to problems that customers want. In the capital goods industry, these are often maintenance and repair services.

Sophisticated spare parts management is needed to ensure that the right spare part is available as soon as possible without any substantial increase in inventory costs. Field repair and service is especially significant in this respect, as the rapid replacement of spare parts and wear parts by itself is often not sufficient and it becomes necessary to call upon service technicians.

Services such as complete overhauls of machinery and equipment cannot always be carried out on customers' premises. Yet how do goods get from customers to producers? How can reverse logistics be integrated into the existing forward logistics? These are questions that we will gladly help you to answer.

In addition to precise information concerning delivery time, time to repair and availability of service technicians, customers expect the most accurate price estimate possible so that they can use it as a basis for their decision as to whether to purchase.

We will work with you to harmonize your spare parts management with your service processes, design the appropriate systems for logistics processing and set out the most efficient pricing policy.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

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