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Product Lifecycle Management

Design and implementation of an efficient and tailor-made PLM

Synchronizing development, logistics and plant processes constitutes probably the biggest challenge in a product development project. In addition to methodological expertise, a structured way of handling all product-related information is especially important for implementation. Product lifecycle management represents an established method of systematically managing the individual phases of the product lifecycle for this purpose.

The necessary business activities differ across various stages of the product lifecycle. While the focus is initially on creating samples and prototypes, costing and procuring tools and planning the start of production (SOP), it shifts in later phases to optimizing inventories while guaranteeing supply security, adapting material procurement and providing targeted after sales management. Coordinating the individual tasks for specific stages is one of the most taxing challenges involved in model and product changes.

We will help you to introduce customized product lifecycle management that covers all the important phases and processes, from product development to the end of production. Together with you, we will identify the strategies from our extensive portfolio that are relevant to you in terms of phase-out management, prototype planning and prototyping, tool management and the calculation and optimization of manufacturing costs.

We will gladly utilize our experience to develop a product lifecycle management strategy tailored to your company and to implement it in partnership with you.

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Dr. Joerg Pirron

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Our Services at a Glance

Methods, Processes and Organizational Structures for PLM

Implementing product lifecycle management (PLM) concepts requires suitable processes and structures in the company. The departments and IT systems involved from product phase-in to product phase-out need to be as effectively interconnected as possible. We know the right methods and are happy to share them with you so that together, we can design the processes and organizational structures in such a way as to guarantee sustainable product lifecycle management. This will enable you to cut costs in the long term, as well as to raise product quality and secure a better market position.

Tool Management

Tool management begins as early as the product development stage. With targeted tool planning, it is possible to have a significant influence on manufacturing costs even in early phases of the product lifecycle. We are here to lend a hand. Proper tool management is of paramount importance in phase-in management in particular. In addition to tool costing, we will use cost controlling and schedule monitoring during tool procurement to ensure long-term supervision of tool costs as they arise.

Prototype Planning and Prototyping

Before series production begins, a prototype of the new product is usually manufactured. Prototypes help as a means of putting the developed product under the microscope to identify any necessary improvements. Whether samples are built in-house or outsourced, well thought-out prototype planning not only saves money in the long run but also reduces costs right from the prototype manufacturing stage. We will be happy to offer our expertise in the planning of your prototype.

Manufacturing Costs – Determination and Optimization

Manufacturing costs comprise all material and production costs incurred in the production of a product. It is not only the decision between in-house production or outsourcing that depends to a great extent on manufacturing costs. Accurate information on manufacturing costs is important for customer bids as well – in the context of open-book costing, for example. Targeted planning and optimization of manufacturing and product costs ensure competitiveness and have a positive impact on financial success. We will provide you with dynamic support based on our years of experience.

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