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After Sales Management and
Customer Services

Design and implement of service strategies and after sales

After sales management is a key factor in the success of a company, especially when it comes to capital goods and consumer durables. After sales management organizes and optimizes the processes between the sales department, the service organization, and customers.  

The role of service organizations in company performance is becoming increasingly important. The aftermarket is a dependable source of constant revenues and long-lasting customer retention, usually with good margins. Long-term contracts for servicing, maintenance and repairs make it possible to improve the service delivered to customers and to optimize the internal use of resources.  

Contact with customers in relation to services or complaints presents new opportunities to pique customer interest in additional products and services. Customer (relationship) management, or CRM, deals with the process of consistently designing and aligning business processes to suit customers.

Better links with customers provide a source of valuable information for after sales. This influences product development and creation and forms the basis for cost-effective maintenance and repairs as well as innovative service strategies. Through this service-oriented product development, the service strategy and service portfolio in combination with your products create the maximum benefit for you and your customers.

After sales controlling will permanently increase your company's profitability. Using a key performance indicator and performance measurement system based on the relevant objectives, we will provide a clear picture of how your service organization is progressing. The findings can be used for continuous improvement of all processes in the after sales area.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

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