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Optimization of Inventories, Service Levels and Cost Savings

Optimizing costs and service levels and ensuring customer satisfaction

Ensuring supply security in global logistics networks presents a major challenge for businesses. To keep companies competitive, it is necessary to find cost-effective solutions to guarantee in-house production and give due consideration to significant competitive factors such as short delivery times, delivery reliability and the availability of goods. 

There are many possibilities to influence the development of logistics costs and service levels. Finding the perfect inventory size to minimize capital commitment and warehousing costs while maintaining high availability is a key influencing factor, albeit not the only one. Something as simple as the right packaging design alone makes it possible to transport and store goods efficiently and to save on both costs and capacity.

Global procurement strategies can enable low purchasing prices, although these often disguise the hidden risk of high subsequent costs for transport and warehousing. To achieve efficient goods procurement and inventory regulation, it is necessary to analyze delivery quantities, times and frequencies and match them to a company's needs.

We will help you to identify the untapped potential in your logistics chain, define actions for improvement and optimize your logistics costs and services.

Together, we will analyze your individual objectives and circumstances and devise tailored solutions that meet the requirements of your customers and suppliers. In doing so, we will strike the best possible balance between service levels and inventories and minimize your long-term transport, shipping and inventory costs.

Christof Bartsch


Christof Bartsch

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