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Helping your business to develop successfully is a complex and all-encompassing assignment. We work together to give careful consideration to what your next moves should be.

Such a comprehensive approach requires trust and the right partners. PROTEMA is a partner in a high-performance network of innovation and in strategic cooperations. Our role is that of a highly skilled, process-focused consultant serving the industry. That is what we have learned over time, and we stand by it.

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Cooperation Partners

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Universities and Research

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Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V., the Economic Council of the CDU political party, is a professional association representing the interests of business in dealings with government, administration and the public. The Economic Council offers its 12,000 members a platform for helping to shape business and social policy in the context of the social market economy. The Economic Council engages in discussions with people in positions of responsibility in parliaments and governments and lobbies for political decisions.

MTM is the abbreviation for methods-time measurement. Methods-time means that the time needed to carry out a particular task depends on the method chosen to complete that task. The primary tasks performed by Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e.V. include disseminating information about MTM, supporting correct and standardized application and promoting research and development.

Gesellschaft für Produktionsmanagement (GfPM e.V.) is a non-profit society for production management registered as a professional association and based in Stuttgart. It has tasked itself with promoting scientific research and development in the field of production management, giving particular attention to industry, commerce and services. For this reason, GfPM is working to intensify the exchange of knowledge and experience of managers and experts shared between production and logistics companies.

Cooperation Partners

Drees & Sommer SE/dsa engineering GmbH

Drees & Sommer SE has been a PROTEMA partner for many years in factory planning for production and buildings. Since July 2017, dsa engineering GmbH has been part of the Drees & Sommer Group. dsa supports the internationally active project management and consulting company from production and logistics, plant and conveyor planning to infrastructure and building design.


ENERGISTO eG is a cooperative of independent entrepreneurs and acts as a team of specialists for new energies. The offer includes consulting, development and implementation of renewable energy power plants with a focus on photovoltaic systems, biogas plants and hydropower plants.

EUTAS ewiv

PROTEMA is part of the European Transformation Association, EUTAS for short. The European Organization for Training, Coaching and Consultancy exists since 1992. The experts with different cultural backgrounds develop international organizations through transformation to the next level and prepare solutions for organizational and human resource development.

Fast Forward Experts GmbH

PROTEMA has been cooperating for several years with Fast Forward Experts GmbH, an international consulting company focusing on industrial management consulting. The consultants specialise in management, consulting and implementation services in the core sectors of the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the chemical industry, logistics and energy technology.

FÖHR Agentur für Innovationskulturen

FÖHR has been a partner of PROTEMA for many years in agile strategy and concept development. Tanja Föhr, Managing Director of FÖHR, accompanies, moderates and actively supports change management and knowledge transfer processes in companies and organisations. Since 2017, Paula Föhr acts as an expert for visualization models, graphic recording and sketch note as well as knowledge management processes.

Institut für Visuelle Kommunikation (Paul Martin Cambeis)

Paul Martin Cambeis, founder of the Institut für Visuelle Kommunikation, has been a partner of PROTEMA for many years. His international work focuses on acting coaching, graphic recording and live recording at management conferences, staff training and strategy meetings. The main idea of the institute is to make processes more "memorable" and more efficient for companies through vivid visualizations.


The consulting firm IORI CONSULTING is based in the metropolitan region of Munich. IORI stands for integrative and individual consulting in human resources, supporting companies from short-term individual measures such as selection procedures to long-term support in personnel development.

KIT – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

The Karlsruhe Institute for Technology is a technical university in Baden-Württemberg and a national research center in the field of materials handling technology and logistics systems. The research area Logistics Systems distinguishes between networks, plants and machines in its fields of activity. Depending on the field of activity, the focus is on supply chain management or simulative processes such as production systems.

LOG-X Systems GmbH

In addition to a publishing house, LOG_X Verlag GmbH has a second mainstay: consulting. LOG_X Concept is an affiliated company and offers services related to the communication of specialist content. Main topics are: Lean Management, Change Reporting and Qualifying. The combination of publishing and consulting creates a variety of synergies for authors and customers.


LOPREX GmbH is your expert for change and personnel management. For more than 15 years, the PROTEMA subsidiary provides support in the areas of change, personnel and remuneration management as well as project management and the related communication. The consultants initiate, support and design sustainable changes for organizations, teams and individuals. They realize successful changes with sustained effect by using field-proven methods and solutions. The services range from consulting, training, coaching, moderation, mediation to communication.

QPR Software Plc.

The PROTEMA Group has been cooperating with Finnish software developer QPR Software and implementing successful projects since 2007. QPR Software is a leading software developer in business process management and the balanced scorecard and has more than 25 years of experience in tool-based management. Its BSCOL-certified software has sold more than a million units around the world and is used by roughly 2,000 customers.

RheinBrücke IT Consulting GmbH

The PROTEMA Group has been cooperating with the European software manufacturer RheinBrücke IT Consulting GmbH since 2013. The international IT consultancy focuses primarily on consulting, technology development and outsourcing solutions as well as services for small and medium-sized enterprises. With the help of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), RheinBrücke also supports business development.


Our cooperation partner TecAlliance is one of Europe's strongest innovators and providers of digital consulting services in the field of digital transformation. With expert solutions and innovative services, they ensure efficient business processes and thus actively shape the digital future on the market.

TYSCON Consulting

TYSCON is a management consultancy from the greater Stuttgart area that supports and accompanies the management of changes. Together with network partners, TYSCON covers a wide range of topics: from interlinking to corporate social / collaboration networks, e-business applications, classic organizational development and change management.

Universities and Research

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