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Business Excellence and
Management Systems

With tailor-made management and quality systems we enable you
to achieve business excellence

Business excellence calls for a focus on three things above all: customers, employees, and results. Integrated management systems offer the possibility to consider the interests of external partners as well as the company's own abilities in planning and decision-making processes.

However, setting up management systems is a complex and challenging task. Processes need to be precisely planned, monitored and improved across all areas of a company. Informative performance indicators, variables, and targets are the day-to-day tools of the trade. Introducing and implementing management systems involves a substantial amount of work.

We will help you to evaluate various management methods and to determine potential ways in which they can be used at your company so as to create a custom-made system that suits your needs. Using what is possibly the best-known management system, EFQM, we offer a comprehensive strategy that systematically implements the ideas of integrated management.

In addition to EFQM and TQM, we will help you to implement process-focused management based on Six Sigma or to meet quality standards in line with ISO 9000.

We will gladly use our expertise to select and establish a suitable management system for you in your company.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

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Our Services at a Glance

Business Excellence EFQM

The EFQM quality management system developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management in 1988 is an all-encompassing corporate model for business excellence. The underlying concept of EFQM comprises three main elements: people, processes, and results. Continuous improvement processes enable the notion of excellence to be applied to the company as a whole. We will aid you in improving your organization's responsiveness using this system and to boost employee motivation and involvement at the same time.

Quality Management TQM

Total quality management (TQM) offers the possibility to combine various management sub-systems and quality methods to form a comprehensive management approach. Quality is the top system priority in this approach. The continuous improvement of processes, products, and services across all areas of a company creates lasting customer satisfaction. A consistent quality management in compliance with ISO 9000 or ISO TS16949 will help you to accomplish your objectives. We will gladly advise you on the selection and design of your management system.

Management Systems for Production and Logistics

Production and logistics management deals with all processes relating to the internal and external delivery of value. In addition to the analysis and optimization of inventories and transport routes, a production and logistics management system offers the possibility of defining individual roles, responsibilities, and interfaces. Choosing a suitable management system enables the ongoing review and optimization of production and logistics processes to make sure that they are cost-effective, ideally supported by a suitable key performance indicator and performance measurement system. We are ready to offer our expertise in this selection process.

Six Sigma Lean Management

The primary objective of both lean management and Six Sigma is to achieve lasting improvements to processes. While lean management focuses predominantly on reducing complexity and waste in processes, Six Sigma concentrates on understanding, reducing and monitoring relevant deviations from customer requirements in processes. When appropriately combined, the methods can be applied in a targeted manner at different levels. Our Six Sigma experts will be happy to advise you and design your lean management structure to suit your requirements.

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