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Sales and Marketing Organization

Tailor-made processes and structures in marketing and sales

Marketing and sales campaigns have a decisive influence on the success and failure of a company. To maximize success, however, it is not enough to focus solely on new campaigns and sales promotions. Rather, the internal organization of marketing and sales must be optimally designed in terms of both structure and processes in order to achieve the best possible market result.

As a company grows and adopts a more international outlook, optimized distribution of sales units and responsibility becomes ever more important. In addition to the allocation of responsibilities, pooling skills is a significant factor, as are the right choice of sales channels and meaningful segmentation of different sales regions. Finding a suitable balance between centralization and decentralization is essential to future market success in this respect.

On the basis of your market situation, we will help you to analyze and evaluate the specific requirements applicable to your marketing and sales organization. To do this, we will work closely with you to investigate and define the necessary marketing and sales processes and compare them regularly with benchmarks and best practices in order to make full use of the potential for improvements and to achieve the best possible results. We will also help you to design and implement suitable reporting and controlling tools to keep a watchful eye on progress and maintain the ability to respond quickly and intervene in the event of discrepancies.

We will gladly utilize our experience to develop a marketing and sales organization optimized to suit your needs and to implement it in partnership with you.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

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Our Services at a Glance

Marketing Organization

The marketing organization covers all regulations relating to structures and processes that are necessary to fulfill the tasks of marketing management. Particular challenges in designing the marketing organization include the demand for more flexible marketing structures brought about by the move towards digital processes, the need for a closer working relationship between marketing and sales and the integration of new marketing functions into existing marketing structures. We have plenty of experience in designing effective marketing organizations – talk to us.

Marketing Processes and Marketing Controlling

The marketing process encompasses all activities relating to the sales market. These include all tasks aimed at securing a company's planned sales and revenues. As part of the marketing process, marketing controlling uses performance indicators to ensure that marketing activities are effective and efficient and can reveal areas of potential for optimizing marketing processes. Let us help you to find the ideal set-up for your processes and controlling in marketing.

Sales Organization

The sales organization lays the groundwork for structured sales activities with carefully designed processes. Its central role in revenue generation means that ongoing reviews of the sales focus and optimization of sales structures are crucial in determining how well a company grows and how competitive it is. We are happy to give you the benefit of our expertise in this area.

Sales Processes and Sales Controlling

Sales consulting helps companies to make sales processes goal-driven and transparent and enable professional sales management. Sales optimization can succeed only if it focuses on employees as the most important resource for success in sales. When it comes to sales optimization, sales controlling makes a key contribution to identifying weaknesses and potential in the sales structure.

Distribution Policy and Sales Channel Strategy

The distribution policy and sales channel strategy comprise all sales activities relating to the sales channel for a product or service from the manufacturer to the end user. We will work with you to select suitable sales channels and distribution providers and set up the corresponding distribution logistics. When it comes to optimizing the distribution policy and sales channel strategies, we will give due consideration to internal factors as well as external factors such as the current market situation and the competitive landscape. Particularly important insights for the distribution policy and sales channel strategy can be derived from the close cooperation between marketing and sales.

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