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Supply Chain Design and Optimization

Optimal performance and transparency thanks to targeted analysis, planning and improvement of your supply chain

Integrated, stable and future-proof supply chains are a key success factor for companies today and can represent a decisive competitive advantage. We support you in optimizing your supply chain to improve transparency across your entire supply chain and increase your flexibility and responsiveness.

Based on a targeted analysis of your supply chain, we identify weak points and optimization potential. In addition to all planning and control processes along the entire value chain, your stocking strategies and storage levels, supply and delivery models as well as your entire production and logistics networks, among other things, must be included in the analysis. Optimal supply chain planning with regard to the allocation of customer requirements and resulting production orders to alternative production locations is also taken into account. Your scheduling and procurement processes and the integration of all partners involved, such as suppliers, distributors or customers, are also of interest.


In the representation, evaluation and design of logistics processes, we use the SCOR methodology, among others. Complex supply chain processes are broken down and represented at various levels with the help of standard elements. On this basis, waste and possible synergies can be identified and a holistic design and optimization of logistics chains can be undertaken. As a sector-neutral methodology, SCOR can be applied in any company.

Benefit from our expertise in supply chain management

From our many years of project experience, we know what matters when it comes to designing and optimizing your entire value chain:

  • Transparency, flexibility and rapid response
  • Strategic planning of production and logistics locations - which products are manufactured or stored at which location
  • Planning and control processes along the value chain
  • Stocking strategies and storage levels
  • Supply and delivery models
  • Sales and demand planning and scheduling
  • Supplier management/ procurement/ purchasing
  • Transport logistics
  • Coordination and cooperation of the partners involved (suppliers, distributors, logistics service providers, customers)
  • Use of expert software to illustrate logistics processes
  • Preparation of benchmark analyses
  • Holistic design and description of target processes
  • Design of interfaces in the logistics process
  • Unification and standardization of processes
  • Introduction of key figure systems for supply chains
  • Identification of requirements for IT support of your logistics processes (preparation of specifications, support of IT selection and implementation)
Michal Říha


Michal Říha

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