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Product Creation Process and Technical Change Management

Optimizing product development processes and establishing
targeted technical change management

Increasing product complexity means that the requirements for state-of-the-art product development and product creation processes are changing as well. A product development and product creation process generally comprises all the steps involved, from the original product idea and definition to manufacturing and sales. This means that product development and creation play a crucial role. This involves product planning, product development and design, as well as change and claim management.

The product development and product creation process must meet ever more exacting standards of quality and cost. The product development and creation process is generally not without its own changes. Targeted maintenance and implementation of necessary changes is, therefore, an important factor in the success of product development. The flow of information needs to be safeguarded throughout the entire product lifecycle, from one organizational unit to another.

We will work with you on the design of your product development and product creation process, from product planning to the transition to production. We will also help you to establish a system of change and claim management at your company. By introducing an integrated product data management solution, we will create a means of seamlessly documenting your work progress and thereby improve the quality of your product development while simultaneously saving time and costs.

We are happy to use our expertise to work with you to optimize your product development and product creation process and establish a targeted technical change management.

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Dr. Joerg Pirron

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Our Services at a Glance

Product Development and Product Creation Process

The product development and product creation process describes the product development and creation workflow from the first spark of an idea to series production. The product development and product creation process can essentially be broken down into six stages: the idea stage, the product definition stage, the design development stage, the product development stage, the phase-in stage, and series production. Clearly defined processes and responsibilities combined with targeted project and development management ensure that the defined quality targets can be achieved. We will work with you to define them.

Technical Change Management

Changes can become necessary at any stage of the product lifecycle, but this is particularly likely to occur during the product development and product creation process. Technical change management covers the targeted management and implementation of these change requirements. For processing to take place efficiently, the extent and effects of the changes must first be determined and evaluated before the necessary change processes can be set in motion. Efficient technical change management requires suitable structures, processes, and responsibilities in the company, which we define together with you.

Product Data Management

Product data management (PDM) comprises the systematic storage and administration of product-related data within a company. Most commonly used are product data management systems that enable product data to be managed throughout the entire product lifecycle. In addition to the ability to visualize product master data, these PDM systems offer a range of options for versioning and validity management for documents such as design drawings and production plans. We will scrutinize your product data management system and identify potential optimizations, which we can then translate into recommendations for action and subsequently implement.

Product Variant Management and Product Configuration

The purpose of product variant management is to manage and optimize burgeoning product diversity. Two fundamental principles apply here: reducing avoidable complexity and keeping necessary complexity under control. With lean and transparent variant diversity, not only can costs be cut in purchasing and production, but product configurations can be focused toward the market. Successful product variant management is therefore always aimed at meeting customer and market needs. We will help you to master your product diversity by means of appropriate product variant management.

Simultaneous Engineering and Digital Planning Tools

Simultaneous Engineering describes the early collaboration between development and production in order to reduce the number of iteration loops during product development and thus reduce costs. Taking the product, the series production process, series production equipment, and layout into account, we will ensure that as many steps as possible are parallelized. Furthermore, the use of digital planning tools and methods will bring down the amount of corrective action necessary during planning and thus shorten the planning process. If you do not have any suitable planning tools, we will gladly recommend the appropriate tools for you.

Parts-Pricing Optimization

From the product development and product creation process to peak production output and product phase-out, product costs can be influenced by parts pricing. Whether parts are manufactured in-house or procured from outside, pricing analyses can reveal potential savings at any stage of the product lifecycle, and we can perform them for you. Parts pricing can be managed and optimized in the long term through integrated processes to reduce costs and optimize prices.

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