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You, the customer, are what our consulting services are all about. Satisfying you is our chief objective, and that is what we strive to achieve in collaboration with you. Working with you, we aim both to follow well-trodden paths and to break new ground. Since the choice of companies for a consultant is often based on recommendations, we would like to present a few different types of recommendation in the form of awards for the quality of our consulting services.

Here is an overview of the awards that we have received to date:


One of the best management consultants for German SMEs for the 12th time in succession. Rankings published by Compamedia GmbH.

Top Consultant 2020

Our awards:

TOP CONSULTANT 2022, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2020, rated "A-"
TOP CONSULTANT 2019, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2018, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2017, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2016, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2015, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2014, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2012/2013, rated "A"
TOP CONSULTANT 2011, rated "A+"
TOP CONSULTANT 2010, rated "A"

Best Consultants

In 2022 awarded "Best Consultant" for the 9th time in a row. According to the renowned industry report by brand eins and Statista, we are once again among the best consulting firms in Germany.

Our awards:

Best Consultants 2022 in "Mechanical Engineering"

Best Consultants 2021 in "Mechanical Engineering", "Change Management" and "Human Resources & Coaching"

Best Consultants 2020 in "Mechanical Engineering", "Change-Management" and "Human Resources & Coaching"

Best Consultants 2019 in "Mechanical Engineering", "Change-Management & Transformation" and "Human Resources & Coaching"

Best Consultants 2018 in "Mechanical Engineering", "Operations Management" and "Change Management"

Best Consultants 2017 in the "Procurement and Supply Chain Management" and "Operations Management"

Best Consultants 2016 in "Operations Management“

Best Consultants 2015 in "Supply Chain Management" and "Operations Management"

Best Consultants 2014 in "Transport and Logistics", "Strategic Development", "Supply Chain Management" and "Operations Management"


Extensive review of consultants by Handelsblatt GmbH honors Germany's best consulting companies. We are an award winner.

Best of Consulting 2016

Our award:

Recognized in the Project Excellence – Supply Chain Management category, PROTEMA was named one of the best consultants in Germany and among SMEs in 2016.

The extensive review of consultants sheds light on a less-than-transparent market and identifies Germany's best consulting companies.

AI Business Excellence Award

The British Acquisition International Magazine awards PROTEMA the AI Business Excellence Award for the second time in a row.

AI Business Excellence Award 2019

Our awards:

Business Excellence Award 2019 in the category "Best Business Strategy & Process Consultancy 2019 – Germany".

Business Excellence Award 2018 in the categories "Best Business Strategy & Process Consultancy – Germany" and "Excellence in Operations Consulting".


For the third time, PROTEMA has received the TOP JOB award – a seal of quality for outstanding employer qualities awarded by zeag GmbH.

Our awards:

TOP JOB Award 2019 – 3rd place
TOP JOB Award 2016 – 7th place
TOP JOB Award 2013
TOP JOB Zertifikat 2012

Leading Employer Germany

PROTEMA is Leading Employer 2021 and is among the 1 % of TOP employers in all of Germany according to the Institute of Research & Data Aggregation.

Leading Employer Germany 2021

Our awards:

Leading Employer Deutschland 2021
Leading Employer Deutschland 2020
Leading Employer Deutschland 2019
Awarded for outstanding employer quality and attractiveness across all industries, company sizes and organisational forms.

Talentmanagement Award

The Talentmanagement Award was presented to PROTEMA by EuPD Research and Handelsblatt for outstanding talent management that promotes a sustainable personnel structure.

Talentmanagement Award 2018

Our awards:

Talentmanagement Award 2018
Awarded for outstanding talent management and personnel development concept

Dual Partner Award

Making outstanding work placements the key to success – at PROTEMA, students on work-study programs are supported by a unique, comprehensive training strategy that has received an award from the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW).

Our awards:

Dual Partner Award 2017
Presented for an innovative approach to study and learning objectives in the "Dual partners from business up to 100 employees" category.


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