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Corporate Strategy and
Corporate Organization

Efficient organizational design and development of future-oriented
corporate strategies

Corporate goals and objectives are where guiding corporate principles take shape. In order to realize corporate goals and objectives, the necessary long-term practices should be described in the corporate strategy. The strategy thereby serves as a basis for business activities focusing on objectives across all levels of the corporate organization.

In many cases, efficiency improvements, cost-cutting, and earnings growth can be achieved only by means of customized strategic decisions, amended organizational structures or reorganization. Strategic planning is not a one-time event but a multi-layered, recurring process that will keep your company on track for the long term. In addition to topics relating to customers and the market, factors such as production and logistics networks play a crucial role in this.

We will help you in the systematic and structured development of future-oriented strategies for your company. In doing so, we will work with you to devise meaningful corporate structures necessary for meeting your goals and design your organizational structures and processes in accordance with your corporate strategy.

We will be happy to bring our experience to bear to assist you in all aspects of strategic corporate planning with the aid of tried-and-tested methods and tools.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

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Our Services at a Glance

Strategy Development and Implementation

Developing a corporate strategy is a key aspect of organizational consulting and a service that we will gladly provide. Strategic consulting encompasses the development, review or refinement and modification of strategies. Strategy development starts with the definition of visions, philosophies and corporate values that crystallize in the form of strategies. The aim of strategy development lies in the successful implementation within the company and assertation on the market.

Organizational Structures (and Processes)

Organizational structures and processes enable the structuring of tasks arising within a company with the available resources in mind. Setting up a functioning organizational structure lays the groundwork for the individual processes that take place within a company. We will help you to design your corporate organization.

Efficiency Improvements

Improving efficiency is a long-term corporate goal that encompasses all areas of a company and needs to be taken into account in all corporate tasks. This is the only way to ensure that a company is competitive in the long run. Efficiency improvements can be achieved by means of process optimization and the elimination of waste in particular. We will work with you to identify such potential optimizations and find possible solutions.

Corporate Goals and Objectives

Corporate goals and objectives indicate the direction for all business decisions and activities and can be qualitative or quantitative in nature. A corporate goal or objective is an expression of the interests of all stakeholders in a company. Target systems are defined in the context of the corporate environment and take current market conditions into account. Defining such targets and identifying suitable performance indicators will form part of our collaboration.

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