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Growth Strategies –
Markets, Customers and Products

Exploiting growth potential with the right strategic levers

Growth is an expression of corporate success. Continuous growth does more than merely increase the value of a business over time. Corporate growth also means taking advantage of economies of scale and making a company more attractive as an employer. Amid intensifying competitive pressure and narrowing margins, future-oriented growth strategies are needed if a business is to remain competitive in the years to come.

To find the ideal growth strategy, it is not enough simply to concentrate on products and markets. Customers and their needs should be the priority. No matter which strategy is ultimately chosen – market penetration, market development, product development or diversification – growth always has a certain amount of inherent risk that must be identified and managed.

We will be there to lend a hand, from analyzing your company's situation to drawing up your development objectives. In partnership with you, we will scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses, examine existing resources and identify potential risks and opportunities.

With sector and market developments among your competition in mind, we will design a long-term growth strategy adapted to your needs and those of your customers.

We are happy to use our expertise to work with you to analyze your markets, customers and products and develop a growth strategy that suits you.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

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Our Services at a Glance

Diversification of Market, Product and Customer

The decision to diversify is one that should be made with care. After all, diversification is a risky growth strategy in which a new product is added to the product range and a new market is developed. The new product can be either the result of an in-house development, an acquisition or a company cooperation. We will gladly assist you in this process. For example, we may conduct an extensive study to provide some clarity as to market conditions, customers, the competitive situation and the product itself.

Strategies for Market Development

If you wish to enter a new market as a company with an existing product, you will need a market development strategy. This type of growth strategy is especially useful for products that can be established in a new market without major adjustments. A market development strategy is also taken into account if you have specialized in a particular product type or considered developing/purchasing a product with prohibitive costs. Tapping into a new market calls for wide-ranging knowledge of the target market, and we will gladly step in to assist you with this phase.

Segmentation of Customers and Market

The purpose of segmentation is to break a whole down into groups that are as homogeneous within themselves as possible and as heterogeneous as possible from group to group. This should take place in line with defined criteria. We will help you to break market or customer units into smaller segments so as to be able to address the respective groups in a more personalized manner. For example, marketing programmes, as well as products themselves, can be adapted to individual segments so that more accurate conclusions can be drawn as to the requirements and wishes of the target customers and markets.

Sales Strategies

We use the sales strategy to define the medium- to long-term corporate goals and objectives in relation to sales of products and services. The sales strategy governs the direction of all sales activities in terms of market cultivation. This includes, for example, the target customer portfolio, customer relationship management, sales channels, the design of the sales process, sales policy and the development of sales skills.
Together with you, we will draw up a successful sales strategy that enables close links to the market and customers.

Sales and Revenue Planning

Sales planning is a significant part of operational planning processes and has far-reaching consequences for all organizational functions within a company. With sales planning, we build up a solid footing for revenue planning.
We will configure planning frequency and horizon to suit your industry and the specific attributes of your company.
Sales and revenue planning indicates the direction for your business and must comply with the targets set in your corporate goals and objectives.

Product Programme Management

Programme management incorporates the planning, management, and control of multiple related projects pursuing a common goal. Managing a range of projects running in parallel requires the integration and coordination of a complex resource network – which is where our experience comes in. With the aid of needs-based processes, tried-and-tested tools, and extensive expertise, we will create the necessary transparency and enable successful programme management.

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