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Process Controlling and
Performance Measurement

Tailor-made performance measurement systems and a future-oriented
process controlling for your company

Collecting and evaluating business data is among the most important management tasks within any company. If a company is to be successful in the long term, its managers need to know how effective and efficient the corporate processes are and how well the corporate goals and objectives are achieved. This information can be visualized by means of suitable key performance indicators and performance measurement systems.

In order to achieve a target-oriented management of business processes, up-to-date figures prepared to suit particular target groups are required. Only what can be measured can be improved. Comprehensive business process management is inconceivable without dependable process controlling. The trick is to define a few meaningful and high-quality performance indicators.

We will help you to identify factors relevant to the success of your company and to define performance indicators suitable for measuring your process objectives. In the course of this, we will offer suitable performance indicator models for various process reference models and thereby ensure that your process structures possess the necessary drive.

We will also assist you in introducing monitoring and optimization methods such as the PDCA cycle, which can be used to achieve lasting process improvements by means of regular measurement cycles.

We will deploy our expertise to help you plan and implement viable process controlling systems.

Michael Mezger


Michael Mezger

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70 

Mobile: +49 (172) 3869869

E-mail: contact@protema.de

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