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PROTEMA Group - Management board


Founded in 1996

PROTEMA management consulting, based in Stuttgart, is an established and fast-growing consulting firm, which is evident from the success and awards that it has achieved.
The PROTEMA Group encompasses the wholly owned subsidiaries LOPREX GmbH with its division Software & Solutions, headquartered in Stuttgart, and PROTEMA North America Inc, based in Detroit, USA, as well as holdings in RheinBrücke IT Consulting and EUTAS ewiv. Over the last two decades, we have achieved important milestones, evolved as a company and continually expanded our network.

Working with our customers to help them succeed

It may sound like just a phrase, but it is much more than that – it is our philosophy and underpins how we think and act. The era of the supercilious consultant and the maverick genius is over. Changes involve complex processes with a variety of influences, interactions and aspects. Success comes only to those who embrace this complexity, immerse themselves in the customer's world, take a collaborative approach to issues and work together to solve problems.


You have the potential, we will help you to unlock it

Nobody knows a company better than the people who work there. With this in mind, we see our roles as promoting change, facilitating design and assisting with implementation. We apply expertise, experience and motivation to give just as much support to small and medium-sized customers as we do to major corporations both regionally and worldwide. We apply skills honed in the field to provide support all over the world in strategy, processes and organization, as well as planning, simulation and realization of plant and logistics systems in a range of industries.

From an idea to a successful outcome

We always work closely in partnership with our customers and devise tailor-made solutions to fit them, because satisfied customers are our ultimate goal. We are always happy to implement the solutions that we have created and supervise start-up and ramp-up, including as part of your organization's operations if you so request. We will train and support your employees and oversee the changes. That is how to make projects succeed. In doing so, we build on the strengths of our team with a unique profile, prouven expertise and practical experience.

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Social Responsibility
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Our Certificates

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

We have been certified continuously to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 2005.
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TISAX logo

TISAX certified

Since 2021 we have the highest possible security certification.
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Climate Neutral Company logo

Certified as Climate Neutral Company

PROTEMA has been climate neutral since 2019.
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