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PROTEMA Operations

If you fail to take advantage of the opportunities presented by modern information and communications technology, you will have a hard time in the information-based society of the future, certainly in the world of business.

A firm grasp of information and communication processes within a company and beyond is essential for successful corporate development and for the design and operation of business processes. Complex business processes will spiral out of control without suitable methods, technologies, and tools. "Suitable" is the operative word here. After all, just because something is popular does not necessarily mean it is the most sensible choice.

In our core business field 'Operations', our consultants work with you to tap the potential of the latest information and communications technology in line with your needs and with modifications to suit your organization. Following the principle of "As much performance as possible and as little technology as necessary", we devise the ideal information management system for you in order to plan, manage and execute processes at your company. Simulations help to validate and assess the results of planning and to optimize systems already in place. In carrying these out, we pay particular attention to the balanced interaction of people and technology – one of our strengths.


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Simulation of Production and Logistics Systems

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  • Supply Chain Simulation

  • Simulation of Logistics Systems

  • Simulation of Production Systems

  • Performance Optimization of Production Planning and Control using Simulation

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