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Carl Benz with quotation on black background
Carl Benz switched:
from four legs to three wheels – and, in doing so, invented the automobile.
Rebuilding a strategy, an organization and business or even revolutionizing an entire industry with courage and vision is a major endeavor. We assist our customers in this process with expert consulting and support. Find out more
Wilhelm Maybach with quotation on black background
He was enthralled by engines from a very early age, and the influence of Wilhelm Maybach's talent for design engineering lives on to this day.
Finding talented people is sometimes half the battle in achieving the best possible performance throughout the logistics chain and delivering value in a network of factories and distribution centers, as well as in harmonizing production and logistics processes at the individual locations. Find out more
Berthold Leibinger with quotation on black background
"A laser can be used to join or to separate; it depends on the setting."
Second only to dedication, technology was the Trumpf card for Berthold Leibinger.
To align processes and IT systems with each other and enable them to run smoothly, you need a good strategy and plenty of experience. With the aid of simulation, it is possible to cover this ground even before introduction. We can help with that. Find out more
Robert Bosch with quotation on black background
Robert Bosch was quick to realize how important it is to kindle enthusiasm in others.
For something new to catch on throughout an entire company, you need change management and a persuasive argument. Creating understanding and acceptance at all levels secures the intended sustainability once a new system has been introduced – we are the ideal partner to aid in your organizational and personnel development. Find out more
Georg Allgaier with quotation on black background
Creating a whole from constituent parts and making the best of processes were Georg Allgaier's great talents.
We deliver our results working hand in hand with our customers, thereby helping them to succeed. Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our services. We have worked successfully with numerous companies over many years, building up partnerships based on mutual trust. We have received a number of awards for our efforts. Find out more
Caroline Märklin with quotation on black background
Caroline Märklin never ran out of steam in making sure that little trains got the best platforms at the station.
Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught, as Oscar Wilde once said. We like to keep you up to date on our latest developments and experiences. Find out more
Margarete Steiff with quotation on black background
Margarete Steiff:
"For children, only the best will do"
As a company, we contribute to society through a range of sponsorship activities. We are particularly interested in future generations. To offer children the best possible opportunities as they grow up, PROTEMA supports programs including SOS Children's Villages. Find out more

PROTEMA management consulting

For 25 years, PROTEMA has stood for the process-focused interconnection of technology and staff in a highly efficient organization. As a multi-award-winning consulting and planning company, we support companies across the globe in the fields of strategy, organization and process consulting, selection of IT solutions, digitization and Industry 4.0 as well as conception, planning and optimization of individual sites for production and logistics and global value networks.

We work with our international customers to lay the foundations for profitable growth in complex, dynamic markets and make their entire organizations stronger in the long term. Satisfying our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly working to improve ourselves and welcome feedback from our customers, and we aim to ensure that our partnerships are equitable and stand the test of time. We strive to help our customers succeed, and working with them to achieve that is what spurs us on.

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The PROTEMA approach: Consulting out of one hand

PROTEMA Consulting

A positive corporate development and success in the most important business processes product, customer and supply chain – with the right strategy and measures, we ensure your success.

PROTEMA Transformation

Enable successful corporate development and implement changes in a sustainable manner – turn those affected into participants and get your company up to speed. We support and advice you.

PROTEMA Engineering

Long-term location development, planning of the tailored structure and the necessary technology in production and logistics – we can lead you to the best performance.

PROTEMA Operations

Reliable processes with suitable solutions and IT systems – behind every success is a solid concept, which we develop, specify, introduce and test with you.

PROTEMA Service Offer