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Design of Production Networks

Comprehensive solution approaches for the design of your production network

Do you have ambitious growth targets for your company but find yourself unable to visualize this growth in your existing structures? Does a customer of yours wish that you could carry out production at a site abroad as well? Or do you want to use new production and logistics structures to exploit unrealized potential to optimize performance in existing buildings? In this context, the question of the ideal location for production and logistics facilities arises again and again. It is possible to develop new sites or to extend or upgrade existing locations. Equally relevant is the strategic decision of what is to be produced at another site and with what level of vertical integration and assembly depth.

Once these decisions have been made, plant engineering can begin. The future structure of a plant is determined on the basis of forecasts of how quantities will progress over time and decisions on vertical integration and service levels.

Whereas greenfield planning enables new plants and logistics centers to be designed from scratch, brownfield planning makes use of the inherent potential of existing buildings. We have assisted our customers in setting up production networks in numerous projects to date.

In the design of production networks, we can start from the status quo to plan the steps necessary to achieve the ultimate objective. These include choosing the country, region, and location, developing spaces and buildings, implementing according to a schedule and selecting and following particular plant development scenarios.



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