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Design of Logistics Networks

Secure competitive advantages with the right strategic direction for your
logistics network

Intensifying competitive pressure, global value chains, volatile markets and digital interconnectivity in logistics processes make it difficult to identify the ideal strategic direction for a logistics network.

With the aid of suitable models, such as the SCOR model, it is possible to determine the optimal flow of goods and information along the entire supply chain. The models consider the appropriate purchasing, supplier and distribution networks at the intended logistics site, thereby meeting requirements for both costs and service levels. We can apply both practical and theoretical knowledge in consistently implementing the strategies devised in the planning phase and realize uncovered potential at tactical and operational levels. For example, through optimal procurement and distribution planning, an optimized assortment and inventory structure or cost-optimized and service-level-oriented processes from appropriation to transport handling.

We offer a comprehensive approach to finding solutions, adjusted to suit your market and customer requirements – from strategic planning to operational implementation. In the future, you will enjoy a competitive advantage in the form of an adaptable logistics network optimized in terms of overall costs, as well as forward-looking and efficient processes. Only the optimal coordination of logistics with site development, plant and production engineering will tap the full potential for improvement.

We will assist you in designing your logistics networks and finding the best way to integrate them into site development, plant, and production engineering.

Michal Říha


Michal Říha

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70 

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