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Bird's eye view of the new Festo plant

Site development – conception, planning and realization
Festo-AM Kft., Budapest

FESTO-AM Kft. commissioned PROTEMA with the analysis of the plant logistics and the creation of a site development and logistics concept for the expansion of the existing site in Budapest, Hungary. The corporate strategy was to be taken into account and optimal layouts were to be created for the individual production and logistics areas.


Tasks and Objectives

The objective of the project, which received the "Best of Consulting 2016 Mittelstand" award, was to create a site development concept for the expansion of the existing site in Budapest, Hungary. The milestones included the analysis of the existing plant logistics and the preparation of a site development and logistics concept while considering future product and technology requirements and alternative scenarios for sales and quantity development.

Taking into account the current corporate strategy, optimal layouts for the individual production and logistics areas were to be developed. In addition to determining and defining the types of areas, the current and future bottleneck areas in the individual plants and construction phases were specified. The assessment of the performance limits of today's sites formed the basis for layout planning and material flow optimization. Moreover, alternatives for the future site structure including possible extension areas were identified and various extension options were evaluated.

Processes and Solutions
  • Determination and definition of the area types

  • Implementation of the area requirement planning for the individual area types

  • Identification of current and future bottleneck areas in the individual site and construction phases

  • Determination of the performance limits of the current plants

  • Layout planning and material flow optimization

Results and Benefits
  • Anchoring site development planning as a continuous discipline and as a basis for the annual economic and medium-term investment planning

  • Extrapolation of future area requirements for all area types on the basis of quantity and variant development, product phase-ins and phase-outs

  • Determination of the performance limits and the times of reaching the limits of the area available

  • Evaluation of alternatives for the future site structure including expansion areas in various options

  • Detailed planning of the individual production and logistics areas with presentation of the material flows between the divisions and sites

  • Identification of requirements for buildings, building services and media supply

  • By creating a continuously updated database with regard to space, resource capabilities, capacity utilization and personnel, as well as forward-looking planning and realization of expansion options, it is possible to react to changes in quantity and product relocations in a targeted manner, at short notice and without lead times by providing the required space

  • Due to this versatility, there is a high level of site security


FESTO-AM Kft. belongs to FESTO SE & Co. KG, an international group of companies operating in the fields of automation and didactics. As a world leader in automation technology, FESTO offers products, systems and services in the field of pneumatic and electrical control and drive technology for factory and process automation. In addition to its headquarters in Esslingen, FESTO has locations worldwide.

Harald Scherner, CEO of FESTO-AM Kft. commented:

When it comes to site development, PROTEMA is just the right partner. With the support of the experienced project team, it was possible to significantly increase growth and efficiency in our production plant. We are now able to react flexibly to future requirements – we owe this above all to PROTEMA, who have continuously supported us as a reliable partner in planning and implementation.


Four factors have proven to be particularly significant in our cooperation: Trust, competence, openness and a systematic approach. The alternating planning and realization phases extended over 10 years and enabled an optimal result due to the continuous development of the plant.

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