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Bird's eye view of the new Kern&Sohn logistics center

Planning and Realizing of Assembly, Service and Logistics Center
Kern & Sohn GmbH, Balingen

Kern & Sohn GmbH is a manufacturer of precision balances of international renown, based in Balingen in southern Germany. PROTEMA assisted the company in the consolidation of a warehouse and production facility.


Tasks and objectives

The purpose of the project was for the warehouse and production areas of Kern & Sohn, which had previously been in different locations in Balingen, to be consolidated at the company's headquarters in the Frommern district of the town. The aims of this included to reduce the amount of shuttling between sites and the resultant significant handling work that had previously been required and to simplify management and communication in material supply and order processing.

Processes and solutions
  • Analyzing the product range and order structure and deriving future resource demands

  • Drawing up a draft plan for logistics and production

  • Creating a functional tender for realizing a high-bay warehouse

  • Assisting in the selection of a general contractor for logistics matters

  • Planning the layout of the new plant and logistics building and investigating the effects on existing areas of the site

  • Coordinating architects and general contractors and supporting project management throughout the planning, realization and commissioning phases

Results and benefits
  • New logistics center successfully commissioned

  • Faster response times for logistics for production and customers

  • Reduction in handling and transport costs

  • Ergonomic working conditions

  • Increased transparency in order processing


Kern & Sohn GmbH is an international manufacturer of precision balances based in Balingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The company was founded in 1844, making it the world's oldest producer of precision balances. Its range of products covers balances for laboratory, industrial and medical purposes as well as microscopes, refractometers and equipment for measuring force, hardness, light and sound, plus test weights and calibration and verification services.

Albert Sauter, Managing Director of Kern & Sohn GmbH, commented:

Our cooperation with PROTEMA was constructive and productive every step of the way!

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