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Euronics store

Implementing and Visualizing a Variable Remuneration System
Klaiber GmbH & Co. KG EURONICS XXL Mega Company, Tuttlingen

EURONICS XXL Mega Company commissioned LOPREX GmbH in PROTEMA's core business fields Transformation/Operations to implement and visualize a variable remuneration system. The consultants also assisted with the launch of the system, with train-the-trainer courses and a communications strategy.


Tasks and objectives

The project involved implementing software to visualize the variable remuneration system. The complex set of rules necessary for individual and team taregts was implemented by LOPREX GmbH in PROTEMA's core business fields Transformation/Operations, in cooperation with RheinBrücke IT Consulting, using the BOSCH SI Visual Rules BRM software. The software solution implemented enabled trained employees of the customer to modify all rules and situations themselves thanks to modular visualization and appealing graphics. In addition, all employees now have access to their performance figures, which are updated daily, via a web interface. The data used to generate the performance indicators is automatically imported from the merchandise system. Working hours are also logged in the software. As well as implementing the system, PROTEMA/LOPREX took on project management and coordination with RheinBrücke. One sub-project involved informing the entire workforce of the introduction of the variable remuneration system. Train-the-trainer courses were used to create a comprehensive understanding of the system and give team leaders and store managers the ability to train their own employees in using the system.

Processes and solutions
  • Implementing the set of rules for variable remuneration in the BOSCH SI Visual Rules BRM software

  • Designing and implementing the software solution for all employees

  • Assisting with the launch of the system, with train-the-trainer courses and a communications strategy

Results and benefits
  • Independent modification of all rules and situations made possible thanks to modular visualization and appealing graphics

  • Employees now have access to performance figures, updated daily

  • Automated imports from existing merchandise systems

  • Time logging integrated


EURONICS XXL specialist retailers are notable for their extensive range of consumer electronics, household appliances, telecommunications equipment and PC/multimedia products. EURONICS XXL stores are members of Europe's largest community of retailers in the SME segment, EURONICS International. EURONICS XXL Mega Company has three specialist retailers in the Tuttlingen region.

Ralf Klaiber, CEO of Klaiber GmbH & Co. KG EURONICS XXL Mega Company, commented:

Our cooperation with PROTEMA/LOPREX was a true partnership from the very beginning. All requirements and decisions were discussed and finalized in moderated workshops. Changes at short notice to system parameters were no problem for PROTEMA/LOPREX. We are very happy with the implementation process and the software. The improved transparency and simplified processes bring significant added value to our company.

In addition to the ongoing calibration and fine-tuning of the variable remuneration system, a crucial element in the success of the project was the project management for implementation, customizing and roll-out with newsletters and train-the-trainer courses. These were intended to instruct store managers and team leaders in how the system worked and to give them the skills to act as points of contact for the workforce. Working with our customer and the software partners involved (BOSCH SI and RheinBrücke IT Consulting), we took on the challenges of the project and successfully overcame them.

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