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New Allgaier press shop from the frog's perspective

Greenfield Planning for a Press Shop
Allgaier Werke GmbH, Uhingen

The process of planning a new press shop led Allgaier, a corporation working in process engineering and the automotive field worldwide, to seek assistance from consultants. As part of the ensuing cooperation, PROTEMA drew up an ideal layout for the press shop on the greenfield site.


Tasks and objectives

The project encompassed developing an ideal layout for a press shop on a greenfield site, with two different site layouts considered. Within four weeks, feasible variations were developed and brought to a stage of readiness for a decision to be made, before company management chose its favorite. A design for a plant structure in the vicinity of the customer was also drafted and geared toward additional quantities and component variations in the automotive field. An extensible building layout for the press shop and the assembly and manufacturing areas was planned. In addition to the manufacturing areas, the utilization plan considered the areas for storing tools, coils, circuit boards, prefabricated components and assemblies for shipping, as well as the staging areas for manufacturing. The administrative and social areas were considered and given representative layouts, which were integrated harmoniously into the overall plan.

Processes and solutions
  • Designing a plant structure plan

  • Planning an extensible building layout for the press shop and the assembly and manufacturing areas

  • Integrating the administrative and social areas into the overall plan


Allgaier Werke GmbH is a global corporation that was established in 1906 and works in process engineering and the automotive field. In particular, it manufactures pressed and sheet-metal parts and tools for the automotive industry, as well as screening, drying and granulation systems. In addition to its main plant in Uhingen, the company has production facilities in France, Mexico, Sweden and Spain, as well as distributors in Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and China.

Andreas Frank, Head of Procurement at Allgaier GmbH, commented:

Our cooperation with PROTEMA was unconventional and successful from the outset. The project got under way quickly and tasks were accomplished swiftly. Even so, a comprehensive and systematic plan was drawn up and was of excellent quality. Those working on the project never lost sight of the ultimate objective.

Allgaier put its trust in the experience and competence of PROTEMA. We took on the challenges presented by the project and overcame them successfully by working together. The unconventional cooperation with our customer was pivotal in getting through the list of tasks to be completed quickly. We also maintained a close relationship with the general contractor. Nonetheless, it was very important to us to meet the standards of systematic planning at all times by conceiving a series of solution variants.

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