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Site Development, Plant and Production Engineering


Are you toying with the idea of relocating your site? Or are you thinking about how your production facilities can cover increasing or changing customer needs in the future? Do you wish to reconsider your resource demand planning or capacity planning? Talk to us – we are experts in the field.

In addition to comprehensive planning, successfully setting up a production site involves buildings as well as production and logistics facilities being put out to tender, their implementation being supervised and the finished site being commissioned. We will work with you to find the best solutions in terms of technical equipment and the use of space, taking your workflows as a starting point. In doing so, we will enable your company to take shape for the future.

The design and technical execution of production and logistics facilities will be based on the production processes to be visualized and the organization derived from them, as well as implementation in effective production planning and control strategies and systems. Plant engineering and design constitute a wide-ranging task made up of numerous elements that need to join together seamlessly. In addition to logistical, technological, organizational and financial factors, the needs of employees play a key role. That is why we take an approach to the creative process in site development, plant and production engineering that focuses on your needs and follows a defined structure.

We will work with you to develop optimal solutions for your site development and plant and production engineering.

Thomas Jurgeleit
Board Member

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