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PROTEMA Consulting

Businesses start with visions – new businesses are themselves visions, while established companies create them. Hopefully, at least. That means that corporate development is invariably the development of visions, philosophies, and values that crystallize in the form of strategies. That is how we understand it, and we act accordingly.

Strategic corporate development is a complex and all-encompassing assignment. Think carefully about what your next moves should be. That is the only way for fundamental changes to corporate structures, leadership and the organization to achieve lasting success. A systematic and culturally embedded focus on innovation, the market, customers, and competition is the starting point for our work on strategy and objectives.

In our core business field 'Consulting', we use our decades of expertise to provide you with comprehensive advice and the right answers to strategic questions. Everything that a business does follows its strategic course – goals, products, processes, technologies, and structures. That is where we come in, giving your actions more impact.

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