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Supply Chain Simulation

There are numerous influencing factors at play both in the strategic re-alignment or optimization of existing production and logistics networks and in the realization of ambitious growth targets. These include locations, the supplier and customer structure and the costs associated with production and logistics processes. However, the resultant complexity makes it difficult to draw objective comparisons in terms of the performance and costs of the separate planning variants.

Talk to us. We will employ dynamic simulations to enable your corporate activities to be interlinked globally and efficiently. We will work with you to create optimized distribution, procurement, logistics and production engineering at various locations. Put your trust in our experts, who possess extensive knowledge of supply chain optimization and the simulation of logistics systems.

We will assist you in the comprehensive design and optimization of logistics chains throughout your company.


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Michael Flaig

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (172) 7477491


We offer the following services to support you:

  • Performing a simulation-based validation of the production and logistics strategy, taking dynamic influences and effects into consideration

  • Reviewing and validating flows of material and information between customers and suppliers

  • Comparing planning scenarios for different logistics and production locations

  • Optimizing process costs both at one location and across multiple locations as well as within the entire supply chain

  • Optimizing warehouse and production stages within the network

  • Optimizing transport handling and production design within the logistics and production network by means of transport simulation

  • Comparing planning scenarios with different product range distributions at individual locations and thereby validating the choice of location

  • Validating investments, taking into account corporate goals and objectives and performance indicators

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