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Strategic Positioning,
Business and Operating Models

When it comes to choosing the right business software, it is not enough simply to examine the details of individual processes. Both strategic positioning and business and operating models as a whole need to be analyzed and considered. Only then can software serve the overall corporate direction and secure a decisive competitive advantage.

We will help you to identify the relationships between your business and operating models and your corporate strategy. Using our experience from countless projects as well as established methods, we will work with you to create the transparency necessary to select suitable business software. We will provide you with support customized to suit your needs, from joint workshops to extensive analyses and models.

Talk to us. We are happy to use our expertise to work with you to create transparency within the company and choose software that is suitable for you.

We will work with you to design transparent processes and secure decisive competitive advantages by choosing the right software.


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Harry Hezel

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (172) 7605200


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