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Specification and selection of ERP, warehouse management systems and business software

Successfully introducing business software (ERP, CMS, PPS, MES, LVS/WMS) begins with an analysis of the processes for which the specification of the system and the selection of the right provider are intended. Going through these phases safeguards your investment and establishes the basis for the successful introduction of your software. The correct specification and selection of the system is an essential aspect of this.

We will employ tried-and-tested specification and requirement management to assist you in determining the requirements for your processes and processing models or to work with you to check whether the requirements identified fully cover your processes.

We will support you in individual phases of the project, or in all phases, from defining the requirements and preparing the specifications and tender documents to assigning the contract. In doing so, we will create objective evaluation criteria and hold workshops to prepare for the tender process, help you to choose the right software partner and assist you in designing the contract.

Talk to us. We are happy to bring our experience and knowledge of the market to bear in working with you to identify the requirements for a new system and avert mistakes during the specification and selection phase.

We offer neutral, independent advice and support in the specification and selection of your business software and I&C technologies.


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Our Services at a Glance

Defining Requirements

Coordinating business software with your objectives means drawing up software requirements. These requirements will help you to select a lean system that entirely covers your processes while simultaneously offering sufficient flexibility to accommodate your future development. The specifications and requirements identified then serve as a basis for the tender, which we will help you to prepare.

Preparing Tender Documents

We will use requirement specifications to describe the requirements identified as the basis for the tender process. The requirement specifications constitute an essential element of the tender documents. Incomplete requirement specifications can rapidly lead to differences in expectations between supplier and customer and therefore ultimately to the wrong supplier being chosen. This can result in a need for costly corrective measures. Our consulting will produce carefully prepared requirement specifications that can be used as part of the contract and a basis for the functional specifications.

Conducting Supplier Selection

Choosing a software supplier calls for clear and transparent decision documents. It is a matter not only of covering all requirements but also of selecting a supplier that is capable of supporting the company in the event of changes. Choosing such a software partner is usually not easy, as there are often several hundred suppliers offering similar products. Lesser-known specialist solutions are frequently overlooked despite exactly matching a company's requirements. We are happy to help you with this part of the process.

Supporting Negotiations, Contract Closing and Procurement

The process of choosing a software provider is usually the start of a long-term cooperation and partnership. It is a matter that warrants careful consideration. We offer assistance in several areas. After supplier shortlisting, we will hold supplier workshops focusing on how well your requirements are met. Following an objective evaluation of the tenders, the time will ultimately come for you to make a decision on a supplier and to design the contract documents.

Specification and Selection of Business Software and I&C Technologies

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