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Simulation of Production Systems

Various influencing factors play a role in the planning of production systems. The complexity involved in planning can vary depending on the product range, the diversity of the products, the manufacturing processes, and the available resources.

In contrast to static analyses, simulating material flows and workflows considers all dynamic effects such as lot sizes, set-up times, disruptions, rejects, rework, fluctuations in quantities and flexible working time models even in the case of complex production systems.

Talk to us. We offer plant simulation tailored to your company, which incorporates all key components such as parts manufacturing and assembly, product mix and optimized machinery utilization.

We will gladly assist you in dimensioning and optimizing your production system.


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Michael Flaig

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We offer the following services to support you:

  • Examining and evaluating production systems with the aid of dynamic simulation

  • Comparing various planning variants

  • Designing and dimensioning systems, machinery, machine groups, buffer areas, workplaces and assembly stations in the planned production system, taking into account dynamic influences and effects such as disruptions and bottlenecks

  • Optimizing workstation-related production elements, production line balancing and capacity utilization of machinery and machine groups

  • Validating investments, taking into account corporate goals and objectives and performance indicators

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