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Project Management for Implementation, Customizing and Roll-out

The introduction of new business software (ERP, CMS, PPS, MES, LVS/WMS) does not end with the selection of a supplier. The analysis and optimization of your processes, the software requirements identified as a result and the subsequent supplier selection are followed by the implementation, customizing and roll-out phase. If you manage to handle this stage with success, all the time and money that you have invested will pay off. Irrespective of whether we have already assisted you in previous phases, we will help you at the particularly critical software introduction stage as well, from migration and roll-out planning to the preparation of training and qualification concepts, as well as quality and test management.

We will not only lend you our support in implementing the agreements defined in the functional specifications but also help you to evaluate all the opportunities and risks associated with introducing the software and to choose the right roll-out strategy for you.

The users at your company need to be capable of operating the system by the go-live date at the latest. We will help you to pick suitable employees to act as key users, give them targeted training and motivate them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. We will use specific tests, measurements and evaluations to improve the quality of the software even after implementation and to continue to optimize performance.

Talk to us. We are happy to use everything that we have learned over the years to work with you to introduce a fully verified, high-performance business software or I&C system and ensure the widest possible acceptance among your employees.

In collaboration with you, we will overcome the final hurdles before introducing your new software, thereby laying the foundations for the continued success of your company.


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Our Services at a Glance

Planning Migration and Roll-out

Once the suitable software has been chosen and all contract details have been clarified, the next step is to implement the agreements defined in the functional specifications. Be it the "big bang" or "step-by-step" approach, every launch strategy has its merits and drawbacks, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every company. As well as deciding on the appropriate roll-out strategy, we will also develop a structured migration plan in respect of schedules and costs for your company, based on the available resources.

Developing Training and Qualification Concepts

There are usually only a few employees involved in the process leading up to software selection and contract assignment. However, with the introduction of the new software to the company at the latest, all those affected should be made into active participants through systematic change management. Our experts make the ideal partners for this process and will be by your side throughout. There are various possible strategies for employee training. The "key user" approach is highly recommended. This involves selected users from different departments being trained as key users on the test system and then passing on their knowledge to other employees.

Supporting Project Management

The introduction of new software usually affects many different departments of a company. As a means of coordinating the various priorities of these departments, a software launch project is usually broken down into several sub-projects. This makes it possible to handle the separate module requirements more efficiently, as many issues can be dealt with in parallel and resources are not tied up unnecessarily. This is where years of experience in project management come in handy, and our team can offer you the benefits of this experience through our consulting services.

Establishing Quality and Test Management

Plenty of experience with the new software will be gathered throughout the introduction phase. We will ensure that all the necessary adjustments to the software are identified through monitoring and evaluation of technical data such as system utilization, response times and memory usage. User behavior, ease of use and data quality can also indicate whether follow-up training or process optimization is required. During this phase, the quality of the software can be further improved by means of systematic tests, measurements, and evaluations, resulting in ever-increasing performance.

Project Management for Implementation, Customizing and Roll-out

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