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Performance Optimization of
Production Planning and Control using Simulation

Production planning and control (PPC) systems are right at the heart of any manufacturing company and facilitate efficient order processing, production planning, and control. However, once a PPC system has been introduced or in operation for years, companies often lose sight of the objectives and ideas, which means that they are not fulfilled.

This may be due to inadequate maintenance of master data, but it could also be because the PPC system in question has not been properly configured or parameterized. Failure to make full use of the functions and planning methods of the PPC system also have a detrimental effect on the production system. The consequences are high inventory levels, long lead times and poor service levels.

Using dynamic simulation, it is possible to validate, adjust and optimize the current processes of a PPC system. Different planning principles (push/pull) and criteria (freeze periods, lot sizes, order sequences, order lead times, etc.) can be simulated, compared and evaluated in terms of lead times, delivery reliability, inventories, capacity utilization and costs.

Talk to us. We will gladly help you to optimize your order management and your PPC processes, improve your delivery service, cut your inventories and lead times and boost the efficiency of your production planning and control and thereby your output.

We will be your partner when it comes to finding the best possible arrangement for your order management and PPC processes.


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Michael Flaig

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (172) 7477491


We offer the following services to support you:

  • Examining and validating PPC processes and planning methods with the aid of dynamic workflow simulation

  • Optimizing PPC processes by selecting the right planning and control methods

  • Optimizing these planning and control methods in respect of dispatching strategy, lot sizes, order sequences and set-up times

  • Simulating and optimizing production phase-ins, taking learning curve effects into account

  • Analyzing and optimizing work and network plans

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