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Order Processing Process, Evaluation and Optimization

A considerable part of the overall lead time for an order is spent on non-value-adding areas such as order management, scheduling and production management. Owing to growing variant diversity, more and more flexible production systems and ever shorter product lifecycles, the complexity of workflows and processes in these areas is increasing all the time.

However, as process landscapes become more complex, they also offer substantial potential for enhancing efficiency, reducing lead times and delivering continuous improvement. Optimizing the order processing process is an effective means of cutting costs.

We will help you to analyze, evaluate and optimize your order processing processes in collaboration with all those involved. In doing so, we will resolve any conflicts between the process landscape and ERP system and put in place an order processing process with system support.

Talk to us. We will happily put our expertise to good use in working with you on efficiently harmonizing your processes and ERP systems.

We will work with you to create lean processes with defined communication channels and establish a reliable order processing process.


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Harry Hezel

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (172) 7605200


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