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Functional Concepts for ERP, warehouse management systems and business software

Before business software (CRM, PPS, MES, LVS/WMS) can be introduced, it is necessary to examine particularly complex workflows closely. There is a general principle of preventing errors early so as not to cause high unexpected subsequent costs. To avoid surprises, we offer a range of solutions. These include preparing functional concepts for your core and handling processes, designing and realizing prototypes and checking your system and software versions.

We will help you to draw up functional concepts for development, logistics and procurement, production and parts manufacturing, sales and service and work with you to find the software that suits you best. We will also aid you in developing simple prototypes or feasibility strategies to check which software meets your requirements.

If you have not made a final decision on software or would like to review certain processes, we will help you to conduct feasibility studies in order to investigate potential strategies for implementation at your company.

Talk to us. We will gladly apply our industry and software expertise in working with you to lay the foundations for the introduction of new business software at your company.

We will work with you to ensure that all goals are identified and subsequent costs reduced when you introduce new business software.


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Preparing Functional Concepts

Functional concepts constitute the link between processes, functional requirements, commercial processing, and future software. These functional concepts are often neglected, which can lead to high subsequent costs during implementation. Alongside industry expertise, what is needed most of all is knowledge about the possibilities offered by the software available on the market. Functional concepts are generally prepared for all core processes within a company, and we would be glad to lend you our professional expertise in this area. 

Designing Prototypes

We use software prototypes to check whether the functional requirements deliver meaningful IT results. Prototypes also provide information as to which processes need to be adapted, for example. Prototypes thus serve to hedge against risks, as they are tested before the concept is implemented.

Conducting Feasibility Studies

If you have not made a final decision on software or would like to review certain processes, we offer the service of conducting feasibility studies. The purpose of feasibility studies is to check the versions of system and software changes and examine options for implementation at the company.

Functional Concepts for Business Software and I&C Technologies

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