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Production Facilities and Manufacturing Systems

Are you expanding your production facilities or planning to introduce new manufacturing technologies? Do you need help choosing, procuring and installing machinery and systems? We offer project development, planning and implementation supervision from a single source, from manufacturing process analysis to the tender process, tender evaluation and making recommendations.

Working on the basis of the manufacturing process, product structure, and any existing restrictions, we will determine the requirements for machinery and systems and consider alternative solutions. We will create precise specifications for the production facilities along with the associated supply, transport and line feeding (provision) strategy. For the production facilities to dovetail seamlessly with your plant design, we will go beyond mere system specifications and conduct ongoing reviews of the compatibility of peripherals and the design of communication channels with other areas of responsibility, such as building services engineering and utilities. We will build on that by visualizing the entire system through CAD, drawing up tender documents or holding and supervising supplier talks, including tender evaluation and recommendations.

Thanks to our years of experience in all manner of industries, we can assist you not only in specifying and implementing production facilities and manufacturing systems but also in related areas such as warehouse, picking, transport systems and conveyor technology as well as plant design, production and logistics.

Talk to us. Benefit from a comprehensive approach to consulting that delivers functioning overall strategies instead of stand-alone optimizations. Our mission is to design a tailor-made solution that is a perfect fit for your products and processes.

We will work with you to identify the right profile of requirements for your production facilities and manufacturing systems based on the technical and financial challenges involved.


Your contact

Thomas Jurgeleit

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (176) 19007102


We offer the following services to support you:

  • Analyzing manufacturing processes and product structures

  • Determining requirements for machinery and systems

  • Conducting economic feasibility studies comparing alternative processes

  • Designing technical systems, taking into account the requirements of production, supply, transport and provision strategies as well as any restrictions in place

  • Drawing up specifications for production facilities and equipment and drafting requirement specifications

  • Visualizing in CAD layouts

  • Carrying out tender processes

  • Holding and supervising talks with suppliers

  • Evaluating tenders and making recommendations

  • Specifying requirements for peripherals and coordinating communication channels with other areas of responsibility, such as building services engineering and utilities

  • Goal-focused supplier management during the planning and implementation phases

  • Reviewing services relating to the installed technical systems and assisting with the acceptance process

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