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Plant Equipment – Production, Supply and Assembly Systems

The planning of production facilities and associated parts manufacturing, material supply, line feeding (provision) and assembly systems is enormously important to the financial success of a manufacturing company. Understanding and aligning all involved systems in an optimum manner for an efficient, disruption-free production process are undoubtedly vital factors in the success of production. The functional capability of the various systems is just as important as making sure that they interact as well as possible. There is also the modern-day need to be capable of responding flexibly to changing circumstances.

The planning and implementation of buildings and facilities lay the initial foundations for flexible adaptability. Alongside the targeted specification and flawless operation of machinery and systems, a smooth and efficient production process is largely positively influenced by the purposeful design of workplaces and working organizations. Special analytical procedures make it possible to plan detailed workflows in advance so as to make workplaces ergonomic, productive and efficient.

Benefit from our years of practical experience in developing efficient production processes.

Thomas Jurgeleit
Board Member

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