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Plant Design, Production and Logistics

More and more often, companies are finding themselves exposed to fluctuating quantities and increased variation in products and feel unable to overcome these challenges. This frequently results in long lead times and limited reliability of deliveries to customers.

Is your company no longer delivering satisfactory performance? Are your inventories constantly growing, accompanied by high capital commitment costs? These are just a few of the many crucial questions and problems that we will examine as part of the design and optimization of an existing production and logistics structure.

Starting from the status quo, we will draw up a plan for your company's future that envisages it being capable of responding flexibly to change, maintaining optimal capacity limits at all times thanks to adaptable structures and holding potential for growth.

The objective is to create a suitable basis for the company's continued existence as an efficient organization, for both new plans and change processes.

All areas of the company will be analyzed and examined. Whether you are a mass producer or a contract manufacturer, we will devise suitable production structures and implement the right logistics approach in a plant layout with optimized material flows, covering everything from goods receiving to shipping.

We offer a complete planning and consulting package that will implement your business processes in an optimized plant design.


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Thomas Jurgeleit

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (176) 19007102


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