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Planning of Warehouse and Retrieval Planning

Since companies cannot afford to delay delivery in times of closely interlinked supply chains, production warehouses in line with requirements are becoming increasingly important for securing production supplies and thus for maintaining the level of delivery service. They are primarily used to synchronize inflows and outflows of goods in production and thus absorb fluctuations in demand. A permanently trouble-free production process is guaranteed.

When planning a production warehouse and material supply, all aspects of production need be taken into account, be it the assortment structure, assembly organization, lot sizes or the production cycle. The analysis of the production processes and the existing material flows as well as the calculation of the necessary storage capacity for all stocks is determined as a basis for the further procedure. Furthermore, it is necessary to identify, evaluate and select suitable storage and supply concepts.

The aim is to develop a requirement profile for warehouse technology and to compare possible system providers with regard to function, performance, flexibility, investment and operating costs.

Our range of services comprises both capacity planning for a production warehouse and its incorporation into the production process as well as implementation planning and supervision.

Talk to us. Both the storage and provisioning concept and the degree of automation of the logistics processes must be individually adapted to production in order to achieve an optimum cost-benefit ratio. The correct design of the upstream, intermediate and downstream stocks can prevent production downtimes without incurring avoidable storage costs or occupying areas close to production.

We will work with you to create a warehouse and retrieval strategy that is aligned to your particular processes and thus ensures efficient and uninterrupted production.



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Planning of Stocking and Provisioning Organizations

When defining the stocking and provisioning organization, it is also necessary to consider picking. This involves, firstly, defining the type of warehouse (supply, picking, retrieval or small parts warehouse). Secondly, in the context of warehouse organization, the categorization and allocation of the goods to specific places in the warehouse are defined, whether in a chaotic system or a static system. The design of the provisioning organization is subject to the effects of quantity distribution, the characteristics of the parts and the organizational integration of the parts system. It is also necessary to clarify whether provision is to be order-based, programme-based or consumption-based.

Planning and Realization of Production Warehouses

For the uninterrupted supply of production, a warehouse and transport concept is required that includes optimal integration of the warehouse and the avoidance of unnecessary transportation as central objectives. The planning of production warehouses focuses on efficient warehousing and a continuous supply of materials to production. Other goals in planning include avoiding unnecessary inventories, high space requirements, and the associated costs.

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