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Planning and Realization of Storage and Picking Systems

There can be many reasons for a re-organization or complete re-design of a storage and picking system. Many planners find it difficult to strike a balance between supply security, short lead times and low material storage and handling costs. Meanwhile, customers are demanding ever more of companies. Smaller order sizes and the more frequent occurrence of small-scale shipments are increasingly presenting a challenge, especially for deliveries to end customers. Being capable of fulfilling these customer requirements is a decisive factor in making a company competitive.

Being capable of fulfilling these customer requirements is a decisive factor in making a company competitive.

It is not unusual for plans to lead to poor use of space and premises, bottlenecks in capacity or inefficient storage structures. Planned warehouse technology and storage types are often not matched to the specific requirements of the storage units, leading to losses in efficiency.

A well-planned and efficient storage and picking system can play a significant role in meeting customer requirements. During detailed planning, the suitable storage and picking systems, whether highly automated or manual, are configured to suit the specific circumstances of a particular company.

We will work with you to analyze your specific requirements and help you to plan and realize your storage and picking system.



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Christof Bartsch

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We offer the following services to support you:

  • Examining the current situation and coordinating future storage and picking requirements

  • Determining and conducting a comprehensive analysis of relevant variables and targets to produce the best possible design for the storage and picking systems: warehouse capacity, storage units, turnover rates, picking performance, etc.

  • Devising and evaluating storage systems and picking variants that make sense from a technical, organizational and financial perspective

  • Defining the ideal storage, picking and organizational processes

  • Planning and selecting supporting IT solutions for warehouse management

  • Dimensioning spaces, warehouse resources and storage aids

  • Drawing up requirement specifications for storage and picking systems in line with requirements

  • Assisting with the tender process, including evaluating and selecting potential suppliers

  • Specification and implementation of the selected warehouse technology solution such as automated high-bay warehouses, small parts warehouses or shuttle warehouses with corresponding goods-to-person order picking

  • Providing support in the acceptance and commissioning of storage and picking systems

  • Support of component, system performance and availability tests of automated storage and conveyor technologies

  • Supervising the project before and during the implementation phase until system phase-in

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