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Outbound Logistics

The only way to stay competitive in distribution logistics is to make sure that you are quick and dependable. Efficient processes and thus short lead times not only mean satisfied customers but also save money and resources. Striking the right balance between customer-friendliness and cost-effectiveness is vital if you wish to succeed.

Between production and dispatch, there are important process steps that influence customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness, from the way in which the items are put together and packaged to the process by which their accompanying documents are drawn up and the manner in which transport is planned and carried out. These are the key aspects of outbound logistics.

Harmonizing and synchronizing warehouse and shipping systems with regional and global distribution networks and distribution tiers, as well as shipping warehouse optimization, are integral elements in the pursuit of optimized service levels and costs.

Excellent process and methodological skills can secure lasting improvements to the cost and inventory situation while enhancing services to your customers at the same time. Yet exclusively local procurement and sales activities are no longer sufficient to safeguard the long-term financial success of your business. Changing markets require adjustments to distribution logistics and the optimization of networks.

We optimize your outbound logistics – from planning, through the implementation and optimization of a changing network, taking international material flows and customs clearance into account.


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Michal Říha

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Outbound Logistics, Shipping and Distribution

Benefit from our years of experience in designing and optimizing distribution and shipping warehouses and in forging links with global distribution networks and distribution tiers. Be it devising an approach to empties management, establishing a stocking strategy based on the requirements for service levels, optimizing a transport network including track-and-trace or optimizing material flows, we can take care of it.

International Material Flows and Customs Clearance

The significant extent of international links along the value chain is increasingly presenting a challenge for the planning and optimization of logistics networks. Exclusively local procurement and sales activities are no longer sufficient to safeguard long-term financial success. Take advantage of our expertise. We will gladly assist you in planning and implementing networks in international material flows and in handling the associated customs processes.

Design and Optimization of Transport Packaging, Reusable and Disposable Packaging

Transport packaging, which is designed primarily to suit goods transport and to provide adequate protection to those goods, is purposefully standardized. Compatible packaging avoids empty space and provides the necessary stability during transport. Whether transport packaging is re-usable or disposable is a question of efficiency. We are happy to help you to make a decision to identify potential for cost savings.

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