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Optimization of Warehouse, Picking, Transport Systems and Conveyor Technology

A company's logistics systems need to be designed to suit that company's specific requirements. Performance indicators such as warehouse capacity, the characteristics of the stored goods and the necessary availability of goods must be considered during the design process, as must strategic factors such as the planning horizon, quantity structure and the degree of automation.

Taking current and future space requirements into account, we will find the right sizes for the relevant areas and investigate options for expanding existing logistics structures. Meanwhile, the growing spread of automation is opening up further possibilities for intelligent solutions.

Our range of services includes conducting benchmarking on and evaluating alternative logistics systems, as well as selecting new storage, picking, conveyor and transport systems with your specific requirements in mind.

Is your company growing? Do you have limited capacity or problems with inefficient processes?

Talk to us. We are happy to help you to optimize your existing logistics processes and systems. Enjoy the benefits of a solution perfectly tailored to the requirements of your company.

We will help you to analyze your current logistics processes and systems and find the best possible solution for your company.



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Christof Bartsch

Telefon: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobil: +49 (178) 8868742


We offer the following services to support you:

  • Analyzing your existing warehouse, picking, conveyor and transport technology, including the associated logistics processes

  • Dimensioning spaces, taking into account current and future space requirements

  • Investigating options for expanding existing logistics structures

  • Identifying potential optimizations to the current situation

  • Checking the existing warehouse technology solution, such as automated high-bay warehouses, small parts warehouses or shuttle warehouses with appropriate goods-to-person order picking

  • Conducting benchmarking and evaluations of alternative logistics systems

  • Optimization of conveying technologies based on performance parameters and material flows

  • Assisting in the selection of new storage, picking, conveyor and transport systems with your specific requirements in mind

  • Drawing up requirement specifications

  • Supervising the project during the implementation phase

  • Support of component, system performance and availability tests of automated storage and conveyor technologies

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