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Optimization of Production and Logistics Processes

Do you have high inventory levels and still not have what you need in the warehouse? Do you have long lead times and poor delivery fulfillment? Do your customers complain about your service levels? Are there problems with the flow of materials within your company and resource bottlenecks? Does the supply process for your production line not work as it should?

If so, you should be asking some searching questions about your order processing process, particularly production planning and control, material management and the PPC systems and methods used. Production planning and control are at the heart of any manufacturing company. This is where the flows of material and information converge, available resources are planned and schedules are drawn up. However, only coordinated production and logistics processes allow production planning and control to be implemented smoothly.

To ensure that your plans are put into practice in production, we will use the value stream method to analyze the potential in the areas of production planning and control, lot sizes and the flow and provision of material. On the basis of the potential identified, we will adjust and optimize these areas to reach the desired final status by striking a balance between costs, time and quality.

Talk to us. Efficient planning and management processes implemented through perfectly harmonized production and logistics ensure rapid, economical and robust order processing.

The benefits to you, thanks to functioning processes tailored to your company and implemented effectively in production, are excellent delivery reliability, a reduction in inventories and lead times and less costly and time-consuming planning and management.

We will work with you to identify potential for improvement, put it into practice and implement it sustainably at your company.


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Thomas Jurgeleit

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