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Material Supply, Line Feeding (Provision) and Assembly Systems

Do you have inconsistent lead times, ineffective transport systems, production downtimes due to fragmented procurement logistics or other bottlenecks in your line feeding (provision) and transport processes?

Line feeding (provision) and transport systems exert considerable influence on the flexibility, effectiveness, and speed of logistics processes. Volume requirements, stock turnover rates, the number of different types, the predictability of demand for goods or the nature of the goods to be transported need to be taken into account in the selection of a suitable solution. Company-specific criteria also need to be taken into account in the selection process.

Owing to the cost structure of assembly systems, which even today remains predominantly labor-intensive, competitive pressure is particularly pronounced in this area. Consequently, it is extremely important to choose the right system for you from the wide range of assembly systems available.

Talk to us. From manual provision to automated shelving systems, stationary conveyor technology, driverless transport units or a mixture of different transport variants combined with manual, hybrid or fully automated assembly, we are happy to give you the benefit of our years of experience with line feeding (provision) and assembly systems.

We will work with you to analyze your particular requirements for a material supply, line feeding (provision) and assembly system and find a solution that meets your needs.


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Thomas Jurgeleit

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (176) 19007102


We offer the following services to support you:

  • Conducting an as-is analysis of your line feeding (provision) and transport systems

  • Determining relevant parameters and requirements

  • Performing ABC/XYZ analyses

  • Designing and evaluating possible system variants

  • Selecting and conducting detailed planning for a solution that makes sense from a technical, organizational and financial perspective

  • Coordinating with customers and suppliers involved

  • Supervising the realization phase

  • Providing neutral and independent consulting on manufacturers and suppliers

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