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Industrial Facility and Construction

The path to optimal industrial facility and construction is beset by the struggle between fulfilling the purpose as well as possible and producing an attractive and cost-effective design. Requirements of various disciplines in production and logistics need to be merged to generate the best possible comprehensive solution for industrial facility and construction.  

In our view, industrial facility and construction not only needs to provide a public face for the company but also has to pursue another, elementary goal: providing exceptional support for functional requirements while supporting efficient processes for creating value.

A viable industrial facility and construction solution is always built on the deliberate planning of the future inner workings in the form of processes, material flows, technology and space requirements, which is necessary before a customized building design can be created (form follows function).

Talk to us. In partnership with you and your architects, we will draw up the future structures for your industrial facility and construction. In doing so, not only will we act as a source of ideas, but we also consider it our duty to translate your specific requirements into genuinely feasible solutions. By planning detailed plant requirement specifications, we will ensure that the buildings are designed to meet your needs.

We will work with you to determine the perfect combination of cost-effective and attractive building design, as well as the best possible functional fulfillment.


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Peter Bertagnolli

Tel.: +49 (711) 900 15 70

Mobile: +49 (172) 7340211


We offer the following services to support you:

  • Identifying and specifying building requirements from the perspective of production and logistics

  • Preparing room data sheets and plant requirement specifications

  • Drawing up tender documents for production and logistics facilities

  • Coordinating communication links between the client, architect and trades

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