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Assistance Systems for Production and Logistics

Current manufacturing processes are becoming ever more technologically sophisticated and product complexity and the number of product variants are constantly growing, yet human skills remain limited. Therefore, digital assistance systems are intended to enhance people's perception of reality. The digital aids identify users' need for information and provide situation-dependent data for problem-solving purposes. The goal is for information to be shared and obtained more quickly, leading to higher process speeds and quality.

However, the use of smart glasses, wired gloves, smartphones and other wearables also presents a considerable financial risk. Will the investment pay off, or are conventional assistance systems more cost-effective? Using methods-time measurement (MTM) analysis, we will investigate this issue and determine planning and standard times. Working on this basis, the benefits of mobile assistance systems can be measured in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Since value is delivered at the workplace by all processes, whether directly in production or indirectly in the supporting units, an optimal design of workplaces and workflows and their full integration in the work system are of particular importance. While (digital) assistance systems complement the physical and cognitive skills of people, workplace design addresses common types of waste such as unnecessary work and avoidable process steps.

Talk to us. Our consulting service guarantees efficiency improvements on the basis of optimal workplace design with the appropriate assistance systems so that you can secure decisive competitive advantages in your workflows.

We will work with you to design waste-free, ergonomic workplaces and workflows with the appropriate assistance systems tailored perfectly to your operational circumstances.


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